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DigiSME is designed for small businesses struggling to manage employees clock-in & clock-out to track their working hours & manage employees leave
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Streamline employee work hours tracking and set shifts as per your organisation's requirements.

  • Mobile face verification for identity
  • Clock-in & Out via DigiSME Attendance App
  • Geo-fencing and Wi-Fi restrictions to make sure the correct location of clocking
  • Configure overtime and lateness settings
  • Simplified shift and schedule management
  • Make attendance adjustments
  • Comprehensive timesheet management
  • Generate in-depth reports for attendance analysis
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Manage Leave application requests in real time using our leave management system.

  • Tailor policies to match your organisation's unique needs
  • Three-tier approval system for leave requests
  • Track leave balances and eligibility
  • Check your workforce's leave information with the leave calendar
  • Handle compensatory leaves
  • Apply for leave on behalf of your team
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The DigiSME Difference

Quick setup

Customise the Leave or Attendance module to fit any organisation's needs in just five minutes.

User-Friendly Interface

Have a smooth and enjoyable user experience when accessing the software.

Data Security

Your business data is safeguarded with advanced security measures.

All-in-One Platform

The best software in the market, specially developed to suit the needs of small businesses with a bright vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

DigiSME places a significant emphasis on ensuring the security of your data. We utilise advanced technologies to protect your information, and our dedicated security team is deeply committed to upholding data confidentiality.
The Leave management software offers an array of impressive features. These include customisable leave policies, three levels of approval/rejection, leave balance tracking, manual adjustments, and a leave calendar for easy visibility of employees on leave.
Certainly, you can streamline time attendance management within your organisation using our Time Attendance Software. It covers everything from clock-in/out to managing shifts and schedules, making the process incredibly efficient.
Absolutely, DigiSME is an excellent choice for startups and small businesses. Whether your team consists of just one or ten employees, our software is highly customisable to meet your organisation's specific requirements.
From employees to HR departments and managers, DigiSME is for everyone. Business owners can manage leaves and attendance data of employees in a single dashboard.