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From invoice generation to financial management and billing, DigiSME does it all. Save time and resources by automating tedious data entry and paperwork. Choose DigiSME Accounting Software to keep accounts management on track.
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Accounting Software Features Tailored for Small Businesses


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Insightful Reports

pre-defined templates

Custom Templates for Invoices, Quotations and more

Offers a set of pre-defined templates

  • DigiSME accounting software for small business offers a set of pre-defined templates for their customers to create purchase orders, delivery orders, bills, quotations, invoices, and more.
  • Add your company's name and logo and select the font size/colour per your requirements.

Invoice Creation

Create professional invoices using our invoice generator

  • Simplify the process of invoice creation with DigiSME.
  • Authorise before sending them to your customers and avoid inaccuracies.
  • Set invoice reminders and send emails to notify customers on or before the due date.
invoice generator
automated reconciliation

Auto Reconciliation

Connect your bank accounts and benefit from automated reconciliation

  • Retrieve bank transactions and reconcile your accounts easily.
  • Check for balance mismatches and go through previous reconciliations.

Multiple Reports for Financial Data Analysis

Keep track of your profits, losses, and expenses in one place.

  • From tax to inventory and purchase reports, transform financial data into valuable insights. View reports that explain receivables, payables, and everything in detail.
  • Sharing business reports with the team allows individuals to collaborate and work together.
Financial Data Reports

Singapore SMEs need the best technology to handle the
Accounting Process

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Create a personalised pricing catalogue

  • Stay informed about stock levels, manage inventory efficiently, and optimise your business operations.
  • Create a personalised pricing catalogue and present it to your chosen vendors and customers.
  • Enable push notifications and send reminders to notify about the stock levels.

Tax Rates

Create tax rates applicable to your business needs

  • Add, edit, and delete rates. Country-based tax rates are automatically loaded.
Tax Rates
Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

Sync your payroll data and streamline your process

  • Enjoy the benefits of seamless integration with DigiSME Payroll Software.
  • Sync your payroll data and streamline your financial processes.

Mobile Application

Our all-in-one mobile Accounting App

  • No matter where you are, keep track of your business finances with our all-in-one mobile Accounting App.
  • The mobile app dashboard lets users view profit/loss, payables, receivables, and cash-in/out.
  • Keep an eye on expenses and bills, and visualise cash outflow with the DigiSME Accounting App.
All-in-one mobile Accounting App

DigiSME Accounting software for better business management

You Asked, We Answered!

Accounting software simplifies financial tasks, improves accuracy, and saves time compared to manual bookkeeping. It helps you manage invoices, track expenses, prepare tax documents, and gain insights into your financial situation.
Yes, our accounting software will be the perfect fit for any startup. The incredible features cater specifically to the needs of small businesses, allowing business owners to manage income, expenses, payroll, and invoicing.
Yes, DigiSME Cloud-based accounting Software allows you to access your data from various devices with an internet connection. This flexibility is especially useful for remote work or managing finances on the go.
Reputable accounting software providers use encryption and security protocols to safeguard your financial data. It's important to choose software from trusted sources and follow the best data security practices on your end.
Yes, our accounting software often provides features to track income, expenses, and deductions, which can simplify the process of preparing tax documents and financial reports required for tax filings.
Yes, our accounting software typically offers a range of customizable financial reports, such as purchase reports, tax reports, inventory reports, balance sheets, and reconciliation reports.