Why SMEs need a top-notch leave management system like DigiSME

SMEs need a top-notch leave management system

Leave management can be a difficult process for SMEs, as unplanned absences or conflicting leave dates can all have an impact on business management and productivity. SMEs frequently track these leaves the old-fashioned way, in excel spreadsheets or the old-school leave application forms that employees must fill out and hand over to the HR department, with these paperworks kept in a folder locked away in the filing cabinet. All of this, while not wrong, can be a time-consuming process in which you must deal with piles of paperwork and go through them one by one just to verify the leaves during payroll processes. These tasks will be easier when you have the right leave management software.

Table of Contents

  • 1. The Difficulties of Manual Leave Management
  • 2. The Importance of a Leave Management Software
  • 3. Benefits of a Leave Management Software
  • 4. Why is DigiSME’s leave management software the best in the market?
  • 5. Characteristics of using DigiSME Leave Management Software

The Difficulties of Manual Leave Management:

  • Difficulties tracking employees who are on leave
  • Misuse of leave balances
  • Employees are unaware of the company’s leave policies.
  • Inaccuracies in payroll management

The Importance of a Leave Management Systems:

By automating leave balance, application, and approval, automated leave management can help you save time and money. In other words, by decreasing the errors that can occur during manual operations, your company will save not only time but also expense! Additionally, when applying for leave, employees can utilise the mobile app to view their leave entitlements and balances.


  • Reduces paperwork and manual errors
  • Stays compliant with the laws and regulations
  • Increase productivity and discipline among employees
  • Time-saving

In this day and age, SMEs everywhere need to stay vigilant in order to stay ahead of the competition. In order to do so, no business owner would want to deal with the hassle of manual leave management processes. This is where great leave management systems like DigiSME comes in handy for your business!

Why is DigiSME the best in the market?

DigiSME’s Leave Management module allows your company to seamlessly and precisely assign, track, and approve/reject leave, as well as allow employees to apply for and monitor their own leave.

This module eases your business management with:

  • Planning your employees’ scheduling (if it varies every week)
  • Notifying relevant departments when an employee is present or on leave
  • Allowing both employers and employees to keep track of their leave eligibility and balances.
  • Reducing timesheet discrepancies during payroll processing
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Characteristics of using DigiSME Leave Management Software

  • Full-featured dashboard: Employers can get an overview of leave for the day, week, and month via the DigiSME portal dashboard. You can simply see who is on leave for the day and what type of leave they have taken.

  • Customisable Leave Types/Groups: Since every business has different policies than others, you can effortlessly establish any applicable leaves to your companies, the policies you represent, and the holiday varieties you observe.

  • Seamless Integration with HRMS system: Apart from leave management, DigiSME also provides HRMS, allowing you to effortlessly link these three, saving time, eliminating errors, and enabling different types of reporting.

  • Cloud-Based: Unlimited data storage space, data security, reduced expenses, and having the flexibility to access this information from anywhere are just a few of the reasons why the cloud-based DigiSME leave management software would be a significant additional benefit for your business.

  • Auto-updated on leave balances: Once your employees have applied for leaves, you can approve or reject them. If you approve the leaves, the leave balances will be auto-updated in the system, therefore you’ll face no problems tracking the leave balances.

  • Remote application/approval: Employers and employees can just use the mobile application to apply for and approve leaves remotely and at any time. The time-consuming application forms are no longer required.

With DigiSME, you can improve your leave workflows for as little as SGD 25 per month. Our simple and seamless leave management system saves your HR department time and effort on paperwork while making it easily accessible to all! Get DigiSME now! The effective, precise, and simple solution for all SMEs.

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