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Leave the struggles of managing employees’ off days with our leave management software Singapore. DigiSME eliminates the difficulties of managing the entire workforce's time off, paid-off policy configuration and more.
Leave Management Software

Main Features of DigiSME’s Leave Management System

Leave Policies

Customisable Leave Policies

Configure your policy to suit your need

  • Every organisation is different, and so are their leave policies. With DigiSME, you can configure the policy to suit your office culture, size, industry, and more.
  • Make changes based on different departments or locations, ensuring the leave policies align with your needs.
  • The extremely flexible settings in our online leave management system allow users to take complete control.

Apply for Leave on Behalf

Allows employers to raise leave requests for employees

  • If people in an organisation are unable to request a day off through the HRMS mobile app, this feature will come in handy.
  • Enter the start date, end date, leave type, and reason for absence and let DigiSME take care of the rest.
Apply for Leave
Off in Lieu

Off in Lieu

Streamlined solution for managing compensatory time off earned

  • The "Off in Lieu" feature provides a streamlined solution for managing compensatory time off earned by employees working on public holidays or weekends.
  • Reward employees for their extra effort and offer them the flexibility to take time off when they need it the most.

Our Leave Management Software has all the features you need

Streamlined Approval workflow

Establish a robust and hierarchical approval process

  • DigiSME's "Three Levels of Approvers" functionality empowers organisations to establish a robust and hierarchical approval process for various leave applications.
  • By configuring various levels of approvers based on the nature of the request, organisations can ensure that decisions are made efficiently.
  • Accelerate approval workflow, reduce bottlenecks, and maintain a clear audit trail of decision-making using our DigiSME employee leave management system.
Streamline Leave Approval
Leave Balances Check

Leave Balances

Plan time off effectively

  • Check employees' accrued leave entitlements, utilised leaves, and available balances in our online leave management software.
  • Managers and HR administrators benefit from accurate and up-to-date leave eligibility information, allowing them to allocate resources and approve or reject leave requests.
  • Minimise leave accruals and utilisation disputes, as employees can access their leave balances directly through the DigiSME mobile application, eliminating unnecessary administrative inquiries.

Leave Adjustment

Provides the flexibility needed to maintain precise and up-to-date leave records

  • The Leave Adjustment feature provides the flexibility needed to maintain precise and up-to-date leave records.
  • Employers can manually edit and adjust leave balances for individual employees.
  • This aspect in our DigiSME HRMS contributes to enhanced transparency, better compliance, and improved employee satisfaction.
Leave Adjustment
No Payroll Discrepancy

No Payroll Discrepancy

Eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of calculation errors

  • By integrating leave and attendance data with the payroll system, ensure that employee payments accurately reflect their actual working hours and leave taken.
  • This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of calculation errors.
  • With automatic synchronisation, organisations can enhance their payroll accuracy and save time on manual reconciliation.

Leave Calendar

Proactive planning to mitigate workflow disruptions

  • Unlike conventional calendars, this specialised tool shows the number of employees who acquired leave on any given day.
  • Managers and team leaders can swiftly gauge the availability of their teams, helping them make decisions regarding project timelines, resource allocation, and work distribution.
  • By highlighting days with high leave occupancy, the leave calendar enables proactive planning to mitigate workflow disruptions.
Leave Calendar

You are just a click away from elevating your organisation’s leave management system

You Asked, We Answered!

DigiSME supports software integration. If you wish to integrate DigiSME’s leave and time attendance software with the existing system, get in touch with our team.
DigiSME has some incredible features, such as customisable leave policies, three levels of approvers for requests, the entire workforce's leave information in a single dashboard, and more.
Yes, employers can customise the policies as per the requirements.
Yes, you can customise the number of annual, casual, or sick leaves that the employees in your organisation can avail.
Yes, report generation is possible. Managers can check annual, consolidated, and leave history reports for valuable insights.