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Simplify the tracking of employees' work hours and schedule shifts to match your company's needs. Sync attendance data with payroll for smooth salary calculations.

  • Mobile Face Verification
  • Shift/ Schedule Management
  • Geo-Fencing / Wi-Fi Restrictions
  • Overtime/ Lateness settings
  • Attendance Adjustments
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Numerous reports generated for attendance data analysis
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From managing leave requests to tracking leave balances, our user-friendly software helps SMEs.

  • Customise leave regulations
  • Optimise the process of leave approval
  • Access information about leave balances and eligibility
  • Minimise discrepancies in payroll computation
  • Observe workforce leave details via the leave calendar
  • Efficient handling of compensatory leaves
  • Request leave on your team members’ behalf.
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Tailor payroll regulations and incentives based on department and location using DigiSME's Payroll Software.

  • Pay Run Settings
  • Allowances and Deductions Settings
  • Attendance Data Linking
  • AYE, ACC, and KiwiSaver Submissions
  • Generate numerous reports
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Streamline bookkeeping tasks and accomplish accounting activities using DigiSME Accounting software.

  • Utilise pre-defined templates for invoices, quotations, and other documents
  • Enable bank connections for automatic reconciliation
  • Generate and deliver invoices to your clients
  • Access reports such as GST, Balance Sheet, and Profit & Loss
  • Monitor stock quantities effectively
  • Integrate smoothly with Payroll
  • Utilise the mobile app for real-time business insights
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Limit the number of hours spent on mundane tasks for managing workers’ leaves, attendance, and payroll.


Provide complete liberty to access all information and ensure transparency throughout the employee lifecycle.

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HR Software customisation to suit every organisation’s requirement in just a few minutes.

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Data Security

Business data is protected with highly secured and advanced security policies.

All-in-One Platform

A complete HR package for small and medium-sized businesses with great vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

DigiSME places a strong emphasis on data security. We employ cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your data, and our dedicated security team is committed to preserving data confidentiality.
The Leave management software has various incredible features like customisable leave policies, three levels of approvers for approvals/rejections, leave balances, manual adjustments, a leave calendar where you can view the employees on leave and more.
DigiSME provides an all-encompassing HRMS with leave management software, time attendance software and payroll software. Our payroll software includes essential features such as pay run settings, secure payslips, integration with attendance data, monthly reports, allowances/deductions, bank submissions, and Payday filing.
Yes, you can automate time attendance management in your organisation. From clock-ins/outs to shifts and schedules, the Time Attendance Software allows individuals to handle everything with ease.
Absolutely, DigiSME is an ideal fit for startups and small businesses. Whether you have a small team of one or ten employees, you can customise the features of our software to align with your organisation's specific needs.