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DigiSME handles everything, from creating invoices to managing finances and billing. Automate the laborious data entry and paperwork, saving both time and resources. Opt for DigiSME Accounting Software to stay on top of your accounts effortlessly.
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Accounting Software Features Tailored for Small Businesses


Tax Rates


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Inventory Management

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Bills Creation


Insightful Reports

Custom Templates for Invoices, Quotations and more

Offers a set of pre-defined templates

  • DigiSME's accounting software for small businesses provides ready-made templates for creating purchase orders, delivery orders, bills, quotations, invoices, and more.
  • Personalise them with your company's name, logo, and customise font size and colour to suit your needs.

Invoice Creation

Create professional invoices using our invoice generator

  • Simplify invoice creation with DigiSME. Craft professional invoices through our user-friendly generator.
  • Approve before sending them to customers, preventing errors.
  • Configure invoice reminders and send timely notifications to customers, ensuring payments are made before the due date.

Auto Reconciliation

Connect your bank accounts and benefit from automated reconciliation

  • Fetch bank transactions and reconcile your accounts.
  • Detect balance discrepancies and review past reconciliations.

Multiple Reports for Financial Data Analysis

Keep track of your profits, losses, and expenses in one place.

  • From tax to inventory and purchase reports, convert financial data into actionable insights.
  • Access comprehensive reports covering receivables, payables, and detailed information.
  • Collaborate with your team by sharing business reports for enhanced teamwork
  • Keep tabs on your profits, losses, and expenses, all in a single location.

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Inventory Management

Create a personalised pricing catalogue

  • Keep track of inventory levels, optimise management, and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Craft a tailored pricing catalogue for your preferred vendors and customers.
  • Activate push notifications for timely stock level alerts.

Tax Rates

Create tax rates applicable to your business needs

  • Create customised tax rates to suit your business requirements.
  • Easily add, edit, or remove rates. Also, automatic inclusion of country-based tax rates.

Payroll Integration

Sync your payroll data and streamline your process

  • Experience the advantages of smooth integration with DigiSME Payroll Software.
  • Sync your payroll data to streamline financial processes.

Mobile Application

Our all-in-one mobile Accounting App

  • Monitor your business finances on the go with our comprehensive Accounting App.
  • The mobile app dashboard provides insights into profit/loss, payables, receivables, and cash flow.
  • Keep an eye on expenses and bills while visualising cash outflows with the DigiSME Accounting App.

DigiSME Accounting software for better business management

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Accounting software streamlines financial tasks, enhances accuracy, and saves time compared to manual bookkeeping. It empowers you to handle invoices, monitor expenses, prepare tax paperwork, and gain insights into your financial situation.
Absolutely! Our accounting software is tailor-made for startups. Its remarkable features are designed to cater specifically to small business needs, managing income, expenses, payroll, and invoicing management.
DigiSME's Cloud-based accounting software ensures accessibility from various devices with an internet connection. This flexibility is particularly valuable for remote work and managing finances on the go.
Trusted accounting software providers implement encryption and security protocols to protect your financial data. Choosing software from reputable sources and adhering to best data security practices on your part is essential.
Yes, our accounting software often includes features for tracking income, expenses, and deductions, simplifying the tax preparation process and the creation of financial reports necessary for tax filings.
Certainly! Our accounting software typically offers a variety of customisable financial reports, including purchase reports, tax reports, inventory reports, balance sheets, and reconciliation reports.