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DigiSME offers a comprehensive software solution for business owners to streamline their workforce's payroll management. Save time spent on complex payroll tasks and concentrate on driving business expansion with our Payroll Software, designed to transform your company's payroll management.
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Key Features of DigiSME’s Payroll Software

Pay Run Settings

Payroll Preview

Protected Payslips

Attendance Data Integration

Monthly Reports


Bank Submission

Payday filing

Curate pay schedule through PayRun

No need to pile up the payroll work till salary day

  • Assure timely pay for your employees and handle payroll schedules effortlessly.
  • Choose between monthly or bi-monthly paydays and configure hourly or daily rates to match your staff's preferences.
  • Simplify the payroll process with Pay Run settings and eliminate the need for manual tasks.

Customise Payslip Components

For enterprises trying to implement fair pay practices

  • Customise employee salary structures based on performance. With our HR Payroll System, employers can easily incorporate allowances and deductions such as PAYE, ACC, and KiwiSaver to create error-free compensation breakdowns.

Link Attendance Data in a Click

Automatic salary calculations with little to no manual efforts

  • DigiSME Time Attendance Software simplifies the integration of attendance data, such as overtime, early arrivals, lateness, and employee work hours, all with just one click.
  • Say goodbye to manual data input and keep up precision in your payroll procedures.

Now, Payroll Management does not require Technical Knowledge
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Payday Filing Submission 

Streamline the tax filing process and minimise potential errors.

  • Ensure precise tax deductions through direct online submission to the Inland Revenue Department. DigiSME’s user-friendly platform streamlines the entire tax filing process, making it more efficient and error-free.
  • Eliminate the hassle of manual paperwork and trust that your tax deductions will be accurate to the cent.

Automate Report Generation

A glimpse of the entire workforce’s payroll

  • Create comprehensive reports using the DigiSME payroll application for small businesses.
  • Save time and gain payroll insights to make informed decisions with ease.

Migrate Employee Details to Banks

No hassles in transferring your employees’ details to Banks

  • Effortlessly send employee information to banks for smooth transactions. Streamline salary disbursements and ensure secure payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Payroll Management Systems are used by organisations to automate and streamline the complicated processes of salary computation, tax handling, and other associated financial responsibilities. These systems enhance the efficiency of HR and finance departments.
DigiSME HRMS is renowned for its cost-effectiveness. Explore our pricing details on our dedicated pricing page.
The primary aim of payroll management software is to simplify and automate the difficult tasks involved in calculating, managing, and disbursing employee salaries and associated financial duties.
Absolutely! Our software offers seamless remote access via the Internet, making it ideal for managing payroll for distributed or remote teams.