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DigiSME has everything a business owner needs to manage their workforce’s payroll process. Reduce the time spent on complex payroll processes and focus more on business growth. Our cutting-edge Payroll Software is designed to revolutionise the way you handle your company's compensation management.

Key Features of DigiSME’s Payroll Software

Pay Run Settings

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Bank Submission

CPF Submissions

IRAS Online Submissions

Curate pay schedule through Pay Run

No need to pile up the payroll work till salary day

  • Ensure your employees are paid on time and manage the payroll routine perfectly.
  • Select a monthly or bi-monthly payday routine.
  • Set hourly/ daily rates based on your employees’ pay preferences. Complete the Pay Run settings to cut off manual tasks.
Pay schedule
Payslip Components

Customise Payslip Components

For enterprises trying to implement fair pay practices

  • Tailor employee salary structure as per their performance.
  • Using our Payroll System employers can conveniently add various elements, such as allowances and deductions, to create compensation breakdowns without any errors.

Link Attendance Data in a Click

Automatic salary calculations with little to no manual efforts

  • DigiSME Time Attendance Software allows users to integrate attendance data, including overtime, early logins, lateness, and employees' work hours, with a single click.
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry and ensure accuracy in payroll processing.
Integrate Time and Attendance Data with Payroll

Now, Payroll Management does not require Technical Knowledge
DigiSME for everyone

CPF Submissions

Contribute to CPF 

CPF Submissions made easy

  • DigiSME allows users to do CPF Submissions effortlessly. Declare CPF contributions based on the employees' pay scale or CPF regulations.
  • Ensure your workers’ lifetime savings are deducted accurately.

Deduct Taxes Accurately

Tax declarations made easy

  • Ensure precise tax deductions through direct online submission to IRAS.
  • Stay fully compliant with updated MOM, and other tax regulations to streamline the tax filing process and minimising potential errors.
Tax declarations
Automated Payroll Report

Automate Report Generation

A glimpse of the entire workforce’s payroll

  • Create comprehensive reports using the DigiSME payroll application for small businesses.
  • Save time and gain valuable insights into your payroll data for better decision-making.

Migrate Employee Details to Banks

No hassles in transferring your employees’ details to Banks

  • Quickly transfer employee details to banks for seamless transactions.
  • Simplify salary disbursements and ensure timely and secure payments.
Linking Employee Data to Bank

Speed up your organisation’s Payroll Process
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You Asked, We Answered!!

Organizations use Payroll Management Systems to automate and streamline the process of calculating and managing employee salaries, taxes, benefits, and other related financial tasks. It helps HR departments and finance teams to manage payroll processes efficiently.
The primary purpose of payroll management software is to streamline and automate the complex process of calculating, managing, and disbursing employee salaries and related financial tasks.
The DigiSME HRMS is one of the most cost-effective software in the market. You can check our pricing page.
Certainly! Our software provides the convenience of remote access via an internet connection, making it seamless to handle payroll for teams that are working remotely.