About us

Driving Business Success through Human Resources

DigiSME's mission is to provide small businesses with reliable and cost-effective HR tools. With the support of cutting-edge technologies, we empower enterprises, entrepreneurs, and employees across the globe. Our HR software is highly regarded by industry leaders for its ability to effectively manage employee leave and attendance.

At DigiSME, we believe that enhancing the employee experience is a crucial step that every business owner can take. That's why we offer a comprehensive HR software solution to streamline your HR processes, saving you time and unnecessary expenses. Think of it as a care package to optimize your business operations!

Our Core Values


We envision methods for overcoming a challenge or starting something new. Associated with the changing digital world and user needs, we inspire our innovation in other areas like design, technology and businesses.


We offer our employees the flexibility to work at your own pace and in your own way, as long as you continue to meet satisfactory performance standards.


We believe in challenging ourselves to see what's possible to better meet the needs for our customers. Striving to improve and find ways to constantly be updated with the latest trends.


We value growth work to provide opportunities for employees to expand their capabilities and knowledge within the workplace.

Leadership Team



Our chairman is actively involved in elevating the product development process every day. From analysing requirements to project deployment, he oversees every aspect of product development.


Chief Executive Officer

With years of experience, our CEO has been guiding the entire team in the development and deployment of interactive HR tools. He has assembled a team of top professionals in the HR industry who played a pivotal role in creating our HRMS software.


Chief Operating Officer

Our COO is a skilled and organized individual who excels both as a team player and an independent contributor. With over two decades of experience in the HR industry, she understands the challenges businesses face. Since the beginning, she has provided exceptional support and continues to keep the DigiSME team updated.


Chief Technology Officer

Our CTO has extensive experience in B2B and B2C sales. His industry expertise has provided valuable insights throughout the product development process. His unwavering commitment to enhancing the functionality of DigiSME software has resulted in the creation of an exceptional product.

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