Why is DigiSME’s Time Attendance Software Essential for Every SME? 

Have you ever found yourself going through reams of papers at the end of the month to verify your employees’ attendance logs? Or having to restart payroll processes owing to human errors? If you answered yes, it’s time for your SME to implement a more efficient method of managing your company’s processes. In this article, we’re going to explain why your SME needs to adopt our up-and-coming DigiSME Time Attendance Software to improve the day-to-day run of your business.

It is critical for businesses to properly manage their employees to maximise productivity and, as a result, revenue. Keeping track of each employee’s attendance requires a significant amount of time. When companies perform this process manually, it is incredibly laborious and are prone to human errors.

Table of Contents

  • 1.Does your company need time attendance software?
  • 2. Easily Accessible Anytime, Anywhere
  • 3. Reduce Time Spent on Administrative Tasks with Accurate Data
  • 4. Smart Cost-Control
  • 5. Improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention
  • 6. Key Features of DigiSME’s Time Attendance Software
Does your company need time attendance software?

Tracking attendance, computing hours, and processing payroll are just a few of the time-consuming tasks that your HR department experiences at the end of each month, which is made considerably more complicated if you are still using manual techniques! Have you seen any of the issues listed below in the workplace?

  • Your attendance records reflect inconsistencies, such as time theft.
  • Employee buddy-punching is on the rise.
  • You have to be present at multiple locations to monitor your employees.
  • Data and payroll processing is time-consuming for your HR department.
  • Manual timesheets can be difficult to integrate with payroll systems.

If you see any of these challenges in your business, we strongly recommend you to go digital and leave behind the outdated manual processes with DigiSME! DigiSME is the market’s most advanced and compact Cloud-Based HRMS & Accounting Software for small and medium-sized businesses! Employees can easily clock in and out of their workplaces using only their mobile phones, and all attendance logs are immediately recorded in your DigiSME database, eliminating the risk of human errors and time fraud.

If you still need more convincing, here are some of the benefits your business will get from DigiSME:

Easily Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Any attendance logged in by your employees using their mobile app will be recorded through the system and onto the Cloud. If your employees are assigned to be in different locations, you can’t possibly be in two locations at once, looking to see who has arrived for work and who is absent for the day. You can access attendance logs from any location, at any time, using DigiSMe, making it easier to track each employee’s performance.

Reduce Time Spent on Administrative Tasks with Accurate Data

DigiSME software includes automated overtime and allowance calculations, as well as entitlement and cap checks. The days of your HR department having to examine endless amounts of paperwork repeatedly just to validate these data and, as a result, reduce the chances of miscalculations are long gone.

Smart Cost-Control

Adopting DigiSME’s Time Attendance software can help SMEs manage overtime/absenteeism efficiently and accurately calculate them into employee payrolls. The software conveniently records and monitors employee hours and computes their additional hours based on the amount of time clocked in and the overtime rates set by your SME, reducing the possibility of errors, and saving you money monthly.

Improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Changing from a manual to an automated process may cause dissatisfaction among your employees at first because some may be hesitant to explore unfamiliar concepts, but they will be convinced by a more automated system in calculating their wages and compensation because we can minimise human errors in calculating the hours, compensation, or even failure to keep track of leave balances. This in the end will make your employees happier and more satisfied!

Key Features of DigiSME’s Time Attendance Software

Features of Time Attendance Software

DigiSME includes a Geo-Fencing feature that allows you to specify the radius from which your employees can clock in. Set your own office boundaries to prevent employees from clocking in at locations other than their workplace.

False GPS Detection
DigiSME detects employees’ precise position by avoiding false GPS locations provided by them. You may be certain that all of your employees’ clock-in and out times will be accurate as they will not be able to modify the GPS location.

Face Verification
The Mobile Attendance App includes a face verification feature. No more buddy punching issues!

With monthly fees as low as SGD 25, you can say goodbye to mounds of paperwork, tedious processes, and human errors. Get DigiSME today! The efficient, precise, and effortless solution for all SME. Contact our team today by calling +65 6964 7611 or sending an email to sales@digi-sme.com