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Elevate your workforce management with the DigiSME Time and Attendance Management System, packed with essential features tailored to your needs: Facial Recognition, Authorised Clock-in & out, Time Tracking, Attendance Reports, Shift Customisation, and more.
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Key Features of DigiSME’s Time Attendance Software

Authorised clock-in and out   

Standard/Custom shift generation

Time Tracking 

Attendance Adjustment


Wi-Fi Restrictions

Lateness Settings

Overtime Settings

Insightful Reports

Easy Payroll Calculation 

Facial Verification

A digital upgrade to punch clocks for attendance tracking

  • Employees can clock in and out by using our secure facial recognition technology.
  • This feature securely captures and stores facial data, preventing fraudulent timekeeping.


Design a new schedule every day and redefine workforce optimisation

  • Employers can set daily working hours, adapting schedules to fit project demands or individual employee preferences.
  • This flexibility empowers businesses to maximise workforce efficiency.

Shift Customisation

Stick to classic 9-5 shifts or generate new shifts to suit your needs

  • DigiSME Attendance Software minimises conflicts and ensures equal distribution of work hours.
  • Employers can set default timings for regular workdays and easily assign these shifts to individual employees.

Geo-Fencing/Wi-Fi Restriction

Ensure work is carried out within the trusted network environment

  • Geo-fencing allows employees to log attendance only from authorised locations.
  • Employees can clock in and out only when connected to the specific authorised Wi-Fi network.

Attendance Software to Make Time Tracking Easier

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Lateness/Overtime Settings

Configure your company's time clock to identify early arrivals or latecomers

  • This feature accurately records lateness if an employee misses the clock-in during the grace period.
  • OT settings enable employers to define overtime calculation rules tailored to their specific needs.

Attendance Adjustment

Manual modifications in an automated time management system

  • Employers can modify recorded time-in and time-out entries using the Timesheet Management Software.
  • Quickly rectify discrepancies or errors in attendance records.

Insightful Reports

Your workforce’s attendance summary in detail

  • DigiSME offers a variety of reports based on the data accumulated during employee time tracking.
  • Access the entire organisation's attendance data, including daily clock-ins/outs and working hours summaries.

Attendance Data Linking

Link employee timesheet data for quick payout calculation

  • Streamline your workflow by linking attendance data to your existing payroll, reducing administrative workload.
  • Connect employees' clock-in/out data seamlessly with your current payroll software, saving time and focusing on business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, DigiSME app is available in Android play store & iOS App store.
Certainly, the DigiSME system can produce various reports, including daily reports, individual reports, attendance issues, and working hours summaries.
Absolutely, the software allows you to create shift timings tailored to your organisation's needs, and daily schedules can be assigned to each employee.
Yes, the Time Attendance system offers numerous customisation options, including weekly and daily shift timings, clock-in/out, and grace periods for latecomers.
Whether you need to assign different shifts, schedules, or working hours for full-time, part-time, or freelance employees, our time attendance software can accommodate it.
Features such as facial verification, GPS-based location tracking, and geo-fencing are available to help employers streamline their organisation's attendance management solution.